Having more than 128 meg of ram and using 98 is also pointless


Worm farms are fun and educational, for the whole family. A worm farm can be started with very little cost and will provide you with bait at any time of the year. Night crawlers and red worms are the best choices, both are easy to grow, but red worms are my choice because they can withstand hotter temperatures.

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canada goose Having less than 128 meg ram and using 9700 pro in your system even if it does run is kinda pointless. Having more than 128 meg of ram and using 98 is also pointless since 98 can’t use all that ram efficiently (if at all) compare to xp. Athlon 1.33 can still use 9700 to some effectiveness in gaming though it will be your cpu that will be the limiting factor a lot of time. canada goose

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