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school and grade point typical

prerequisite for studying crime Commissioner / for the chief inspector in the BKA would be the basic higher education (Abitur), Fachgebundene university or currently more than a bachelor’s degree the uneingeschrankte Fachhochschulreife (the theoretical element not suffices) using a GPA of at least three.five, or upon presentation in the final two half-year products of an average of 7 points (within the final certificate, however, the grade of 3.five will have to also be a minimum of accomplished) or perhaps a completed Bachelor Studium.Gleichwertige Abschlusse can also be recognized by Einzelfallprufung. Within this case, proof is concerning the equivalence of university entrance specifications with the application Have beizufugen.Solltest about a Bachelor’s degree grout, there is a possibility to shorten the profession training as a detective Commissioner / Chief Inspector for 24 months. Throughout this verkurzten profession coaching you also erhaltst currently fixed Anwarterbezuge below the Federal Remuneration Act. On productive completion you can expect to dissertation writing services in usa also Laufbahnbefahigung for the sophisticated criminal enforcement service from the Federation You verliehen.Sofern thereto interested are, we prefer to speak with just after passing the choice procedure.


Make sure you have the German nationality within the which means of Write-up 116 have constitution. In exceptional cases there is a possibility to take into account also foreign applicants / inside. The BKA

Health Fitness

The working out more than applications would be glad of many people with cross-cultural understanding and language abilities. An honorary office or burger-scientific / community involvement is desirable. Additionally, the applicants ought to live in orderly economic ratios and may not convicted sein.Vor a setting in the Federal completed a security check of following Sicherheitsuberprufungsgesetz (SUG). this Applicants will need to reside inside the final five years in Germany, an EU Member State or Associated State have held.

health-related examination in police capability

On the law enforcement officers and law enforcement officials Federal are placed in service pretty higher bodily requires that demand has received full health-related fitness also for the following years. Through an investigation in police capability, the medical fitness of the candidates is determined as a part of the suitability on the choice procedure.

Following the selection approach, a security check of follows the Sicherheitsuberprufungsgesetz. In an effort to be capable drove by means of this, applicants have to reside within the final five years in Germany, an EU Member State or Associated State have held.

Immediately after studying

Following effectively put-studies are excellent expert development and Aufstiegsmoglichkeiten the Bundeskriminalamt. Numerous exciting and varied tasks await you at 1 of the locations on the BKA in Wiesbaden, Meckenheim or Berlin.Mit existence of dreijahrigen dual research will you at takeover, with simultaneous award of your degree Bachelor of Arts, crime Commissioner / appointed chief inspector on probation. upon productive completion of your frequently dreijahrigen probationary period, the Beamtenverhaltnis is converted to sample inside a Beamtenverhaltnis for life.

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